"I wanted to crawl in between those black lines of print the way you crawl through a fence, and go to sleep under that beautiful big green fig tree."

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Young Mildred Katleck and her pet opossum. Photograph taken by Harris & Ewing in 1922.
Early Fall inspiration from Millay Vintage
Imported French fabrics, E. Meyer & Co., Paris; fall, 1930-1931 (via the NYPL Digital Gallery)
Imported French fabrics, E. Meyer & Co., Paris; fall, 1930-1931 (via the NYPL Digital Gallery)

All your life you’ve been practicing
the art of carrying the weight
of a burden that was never really yours
you shoulder your guilt the way
that Atlas shoulders the globe and
you tell yourself that people
tell beautiful stories
about martyrs

they tell you to stop living like
a thunderstorm

they tell you that
you can’t take the blame that
they won’t give you

they press their hands to your skin and say
that pain is not graceful
that you are graceful

they tell you that
practice makes perfect, darling
you are perfect, darling
and nobody builds cathedrals anymore

a step by step guide to sainthood (M.D.)

This is gorgeous.

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Fall 2014 Co collection (via Honey Kennedy)
Fall 2014 Co collection (via Honey Kennedy)
French actress Fanny Ardant, photographed for French Vogue in 1991.


Two Women, c1930 (Yva/Else Neuländer).
the life you live with photography: Tweed ride
"In 1991, Boston Ballet rented Giselle sets from ABT and made costumes. The Costume Designer, Paul Plesh was the Director of Wardrobe at the time, as well as a former dancer. This Costume is one of Giselle’s friends, a Soloist during Act I, and was worn by Lori Nowak and Julie Bacon."
Cornell Capa © International Center of Photography 1958
USSR. Russia. Moscow. 1958. The Bolshoi Ballet School. (via Magnum Photos)
Miss Moss: Matisse: Animal Lover